Following on from the huge success of the 2016 DBA Challenge at EMEA PUG Challenge, you are hereby invited to register for the 2017 events.
We have once again devised cunning (almost) real world scenarios for you to pit your brains, expertise, and experience against.

The challenge this year is a simple one. Dump and load a database from Type I to Type II storage, and from version 10 to version 11 Progress. Simple. There is a catch, though. Can you do it with as little downtime as possible?

And if you're not a DBA? Well, we have a challenge for you too! If you accept it, you'll have to implement an Othello (or Reversi) ABL client, and win our tournament.

This year’s challenges can be completed before EMEA PUG Challenge commences so as to minimise the impact it has on your enjoyment of the conference. So there really is nothing to stop you signing up.

Sign up here as an individual, or as a team, by 15th November 2017, although earlier would be preferable! Let us know the participants of your team, which challenge(s) you are accepting, and choose a nifty team name.

We look forward to seeing how you fare!