Nov 15, 2017, 09:30 - 17:30

Room: Dusseldorf

Presenter: Roy Ellis, Progress Software

OpenEdge Authentication Gateway is a new product in 11.7 that protects your application and database using separation of duties and processes for authentication and authorization.
With OEAuthGateway you wont need to develop nor maintain your own authentication and authorization modules for your application.
The OEAuthGateway better protects your data by not allowing a connection to your OpenEdge database until authenticated and authorized.
This 2-part workshop will go through the how-tos and whys of the OEAuthGateway, explaining why to use the OE AuthGateway and a hands on how-to install and configure it using your own virtual image.

Morning: Install and configure the OpenEdge Authentication Server

Afternoon: Configure an OpenEdge Database to use only the OpenEdge Authentication Server