Oct 10, 2018, 10:00 - 13:00

Room: Manchester

Presenter: Thomas Hansen, Nodeable

Progress is busy getting OpenEdge into the Docker universe. This workshop is a kickstarter for Docker in general and in particular with using OpenEdge. The workshop is presented by nodeable, who have been working actively with Docker and containerization on a daily basis since 2015 for all aspects of the application lifecycle. This also includes using OpenEdge for internal development and testing. 

Basic contents:

  • • Docker and container basics.
  • • The main part of the workshop would cover hands-on steps to get started with installing Docker on a Linux server or laptop and the going the steps to preparing a small sample OpenEdge application to build and push to a docker registry.
  • • Go through the steps of running the application locally in Docker containers.
  • • Next steps will be to set up Rancher 2.0 (an orchestration platform for Docker containers making it easy to get started with Kubernetes) and use this to spin up a small Kubernettes cluster. We will then go through the steps of packaging up the application into a Helm Chart and spinning up the OpenEdge application through Rancher on Kubernettes.
  • • Final steps would be to make some changes to the application and go through the process of upgrading the image and pushing an upgrade to the running application on Kubernetes.