Oct 10, 2018, 14:00 - 17:00

Room: Copenhagen

Presenter: Klaus de Vries and Klaus Erichsen, IAP GmbH

There is high customer demand for rich interactive web applications and a satisfying web experience. This comes together with the strong and clear interest of the software companies to keep existing knowledge and code.

Our low code approach is a safe way to speed up the development and modernization of OpenEdge applications. The entry level to effective development is low and with some experience, only the sky is the limit.

The system is able to adapt to future changes of infrastructure and user interfaces as well as to business changes. The work in custom ABL code will survive these changes. The designers and wizards make it possible to archive results very fast and together with the effective, object oriented design, it takes productivity to a new level.

This hands on workshop will lead you in a few hours to a modern OpenEdge application, and to running an attractive and modern web UI (Urban Design). This will be done using the low code approach: Designing most and using only little code, which is pure ABL.

The workshop will cover:
• Introducing the low code approach
• Designing first screen, run in .NET and web
• Adding screen customization
• Designing a Business Entity
• Adding mapped/calculated fields to BE
• Adding filters
• Q&A
• Discussing use cases, customization and migration