Adam Backman

Managing Partner, White Star Software

Adam Backman

Adam Backman is the Managing Partner of White Star Software, LLC. He is responsible for database and system planning, tuning and administration. This includes providing training, consulting services for a worldwide client base.

Additionally, Adam is a Partner at DBAppraise, LLC. DBAppraise is the premier database and system monitoring service serving the Progress OpenEdge

community. Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his client's business issues and uses a logical, business-centric approach in his work.

Adam is the author of a book on creating a comprehensive recovery strategy for users of Progress Software's RDBMS called "Who cares if you have a good Backup if you can't Recover?". He also authored a book for Progress Software's Expert Series called "OpenEdge Revealed". Adam presented on a wide range of topics at Progress Software User's conferences and user group meetings for over 25 years.